Cuentos en inglés – La Abuela Harrison quiere su té con miel

cuentos en inglés-Grandma Harrison

Cuentos en inglés: Grandma Harrison wants her tea with honey

cuentos en inglés

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The life in Hormitrópolis: Grandma Harrison wants her tea with honey

Near house of Cari, they had a small garden where they always had strawberries. They were mature, tiny and always had little birds that wanted to harvest them.

To the side of the garden of strawberries, they had a little house that was decorated in shades of pink. It was very bright and it had many flower pots in the windows.

Every morning, Grandma Harrison, who had arrived by boat to Hormitrópolis did a few months ago, watered their flowers and stood looking at the butterflies flying above the grass and playing in it, having fun with nature.

Babies ant always was happy when the Grandmother Harrison was near them, because she had a cap collar decorated with colourful flowers. It was very beautiful!

Grandmother Harrison was very quiet, but for to be in a good mood, always she  had to take a tea with honey, in the English style.

«As they did the humans in her country of origin,» she said.

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Sometimes she threw the herbal tea in the hot water, waited for the water to take color and then she added the honey or sugar and a little piece of lemon, something that is often not found in the market town, because was very difficult to load from the soil when falling from the trees of the humans!

One day, the seller of sugar from the market did not have honey and not sugar! because the boat in charge of the island, had been robbed by a pirate parrot,  being impossible to take the cargo, who threw into the sea!

That day, the grandmother Harrison began to sweep her house, and she was so, so nervous that she ended up sweeping the market square, shocking all the small ants that were there!

Scared, ran to hide behind the fountain of the square, and in a sneaky way they looked for Grandma Harrison! when she paused stoping to sweep, shefainted! saying….Sugar….! Something that small ants are not understood.

All ran towards one of the moms of one of the ants, who explained their that the grandmother Harrison always took her afternoon tea, and preferred it to the food and to the sugar cubes because she could no longer chew well!

Among all, tried to wake the grandma Harrison with a big surprise! a tea of lemon and honey that the Mayor had prepared! When she saw she did not resist and appeared on her face a big smile!

From that day, all the ants left her a fudge of honey in the window. Do you know what? For to melt in her tea!



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