Stories in English: The ant swimmer wants to beat her record

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Stories in English: The ant swimmer wants to beat her record

Are you looking for new short stories in English for kids? As every week, we always will be showcasing the best of the stories of our best friends the ants and this time, we bring you the story of a fearless swimmer!

Stories in English: the ant swimmer wants to beat her record

The morning was the best time of the day for to train, so the little ant athlete put on her cap for the swim, covering her antennas and started to swim as fast as her little legs allowed her.

The clouds sang their song in the early time, sharing what they thought and if it was going to rain or not, while the sun felt happy to radiate happiness and warmth with its long rays of light.

The little ant swimmer was swimming and swimming as she raised waves of water in her path, scaring the family of fish that were at the side of the bank, reviewing what they had to do throughout the day. «It was so difficult to calm the small minnows because they were always wondering about all, and for once that subsided, others had to shake them!» (thought the mom fish)

The great jellyfish, however, was very awake, realizing everything that was going on in her environment, without knowing where she was since the current of the river dragged her, when she was taking her nap! While she was looking around to know how to get to the site to which she belonged, the little ant swimmer is collided with her, making out a new way to test her, realizing that the concentration was not everything in life to be able to succeed she recognizing that she always had to be attentive also to the things that were happening around she!

The jellyfish, seeing that the ant had been stunned when she hit her, and she was on the verge of drowning, she was saved! placing it on her head, so that upon awakening she would be able to jump to the grass from the shore.

Stories in English

When the ant woke up, she and the jellyfish had a great talk, in which the jellyfish described the place to which she belonged: the sea where there were corals of colors so blue that the sky was less beautiful!

By that description, the ant knew that it was the east zone where she always dove in and said to the jellyfish that she knew where they had to go pushing she from her head, taking her to the place where she had fallen asleep!

For to feel good and to know that she recovered her route, the jellyfish could not be more happy, and stepped back for to let the little ant stopped at her starting point. Speaking of the algae and the coral sea, the little ant, understood that conversation with a good friend was more satisfying than personal achievement, than winning, they were as nice as the prizes!

And that afternoon, she rested lying on the grass that was on the other side of the river with a large group of rocks. And each time that she wanted to speak with the jellyfish she played her flute favorite! something that the jellyfish loved, knowing as well when the little ant needed her!

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Stories in English: The ant swimmer wants to beat her record
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Stories in English: The ant swimmer wants to beat her record
"Story of a swimming ant who is determined to beat her own swimming record. She chooses the morning as the ideal time for her training and dives into the water with great enthusiasm. Meanwhile, the clouds and the sun contribute to the atmosphere, each expressing their mood and affecting the environment."
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