The disoriented stork and Nanni, the little ant who wants a little sister

The Disoriented Stork -stories in English for kids

Esta semana en cuentos en ingles para niños, te traemos The Disoriented Stork, la historia de Nanni, una pequeña hormiga que quería tener una hermanita y siempre la buscaba en el bosque. ¿Quieres saber cómo hizo para encontrarla? Descubre cómo Nanni encontró a su hermanita.»

The Disoriented Stork

This week in the stories in English for kids, we bring you the story of Nanni, a small little ant who wanted to have a little sister and always was looking for she in the forest!

Do you want to know how she made to find her? Discover as Nanni found her little sister

La cigueña desorientada y Nanni, la hormiguita que quiere una hermanita-The Disoriented Stork

Nanni always played in the forest because she loved counting the flowers and to ask to the peasants ant where they removed the syrup that they bought to the ladies bees!

In the park always she looked to the other ants how they had their little sisters or little brothers, and she always was thinking about it because she was alone! looking forward to have a companion of games, someone for to create the best races and someone for to  play to hide-and-seek.

So one day, she took the backpack and began to explore, to see if she could see a sister to her.

Asked to the daisies, who laughed, also to the blue birds that told her that what she sought was in the books, singing, and asked the river if her sister would get out of the water, seeing her reflection, and getting tired, sleeping after it in the grass.

While she was sleeping, she remember how she was reading the leaves that fell from the books of the human, in which they appears a picture of a stork carrying the human babies!

So when she woke up, ate her lump of sugar, which her mom put in the backpack and called the lady swallow, to ask where was the stork.

The Disoriented Stork

The lady swallow frightened by the request of Nanni, flew run away to look for the stork. And she came with a white backpack, perched elegantly on the grass.

When she asked to Nanni for the thing she wanted to tell, the little ant explained to her that she wanted a baby sister, and the stork moved the beak and the head having a laugh fun.

Later, she explained her that she does not doled out babies ants, and that when she looking  an white egg close to home, would appear her sister ant! giving her a lucky clover for she not feeling tired of search.

Sad but also encouraged by the stork, she was walking up to the house, forgetting all about her search for his sister (for the moment)

One day while she was playing with her dolls and dishes to put in it the sugar cubes, she realized that she had an egg hidden in a blanket!

So she enveloped and embraced it and carried it in the backpack day and night until two days! Suddenly, when this days passed the egg was opened and appeared a tiny little ant! Running Nanni to teach it to mom!

Since that time Nanni would no longer be alone because along with mom was in charge of playing with this small little ant that very soon would grow up to run together through the woods and the grass of Hormitrópolis!

And that day Nanni smiled. Because she was very happy to have a new little friend!

While, from above, the stork was observed, as well as the swallow, without knowing Nanni: their mother was the ant who had put the egg in the drawer of toys , and not the birds of the village as she thinking!

The Disoriented Stork; aquí puedes leer la versión en castellano de La cigueña desorientada y Nanni, la hormiguita que quiere una hermanita

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