The ladybug was rescued by the singer-songwriter cicada

Cuentos en ingles: La mariquita fue rescatada por la cigarra

Bienvenidos a una nueva historia en inglés para niños. En esta ocasión, les presentamos en cuentos en ingles: La mariquita fue rescatada por la cigarra cantautora. Una aventura llena de amistad y música. En este cuento conoceremos a una valiente mariquita que se encontraba en peligro, pero gracias a la ayuda de una cigarra cantautora, logró salir de una situación difícil. Descubre cómo esta amistad inesperada entre dos criaturas tan diferentes, nos enseña el valor de la ayuda y el apoyo mutuo en los momentos más difíciles. ¡Prepárrate para una historia llena de emoción y magia!

Stories in English for kids: The ladybug was rescued by the singer-songwriter cicada

Have you followed our stories in English for children in the last few weeks? Please take note of our history today, because it is set in the river and in the quiet village of Hormitrópolis, where all the good stories always are available!

Cuentos en ingles: La mariquita fue rescatada por la cigarra

The singer-songwriter cicada always was dedicated to give great rides in his barque of pieces of wood, those that he rescued from the halls of working the wood of humans, where there was a thing called sawdust.

With small strings he was modeling his boat, making that it is always possible to go on a small boat along the river with new boats whenever you’d like! So, is riding in it and watching the sun, lying, was playing his guitar, improvising notes that the birds loved it!

He liked to play and make the music sound, when the sun was stronger, making the sparrows look among the grass, to fly after on top of him, trying to imitate those notes!

The music was everything for the singer-songwriter cicada, sometimes, he would recite standing in the boat with his guitar. He loved it so much and he talk about how he liked the sun and the changing leaves of the trees as well as the winter snow!

The ladybug was rescued by the singer-songwriter cicada

A day reciting phrases of the harvest, he saw some black paws to move in the current of the river, and the first thing he thought was: «I’ll have to leave it, insurance is an ant swimming, they are so naughty!»

So he let the boat go with the current. But when he keep looking, once it had passed, he realized that it was a ladybug, coming out to water to float with the red body full of  black dots!

When he realized that the ladybug was in danger, he took a stick of his boat and began rowing to approach it, but the current was so strong that he could not!

Then, he thought: «why not play my songs to call the attention of the sparrows, and make them to carry a stick at the peak, to bring they closer to the ladybug?»

And so it was: he started to sing his message of help and a few seconds later, the sparrows had arrived, singing with the cicada. They began to fly in circles and the cicada realized that one of them carried a stick in the beak!

 La mariquita rescatada por el cantautor cigarra

Then, he continued singing, giving instructions to the sparrow, this way, they  understood that they had to do.

The sparrow made him case and approached to the ladybug, she (all wet by the water) grab the stick, bringing the sparrow her up to the boat, where she was giving a couple of laps, rolling, until she could sit down!

The ladybug coughed several times and stretched, throwing to fly, under the watchful gaze of the cicada and the sparrows that were already perched in the branches of the trees, singing.

It was just there, while he saw she flying happy and bright, this way the cicada felt so happy, so much as when he contemplated the sun of the noon! He realizing how important was to support each other, even though they were different!

And after he smile for a long time, they continued to sing together!

Ahora puedes leer en cuentos en ingles: La mariquita fue rescatada por la cigarra cantautora. Here you can read the Spanish version of  «The ladybug was rescued by the singer-songwriter cicada «

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